Flash CS3向け AIRプラグイン ベータ配布開始

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Known Issues

  • Don't show me again checkbox setting in the About Authoring Adobe AIR dialog does not work. The dialog will always show.
  • When testing your movie with trace, no output is sent in the output panel. Use debug movie to view trace statements.
  • Air file name is the same as the application file name. Destination is destination folder so the name of the air file cannot be changed in this Beta.
  • Packaging might take a while, especially when the included files are large, so Flash might appear as hung during packaging.

Mac only:

  • destination cannot be changed. The air file will always be next to the swf file after package.
  • there's no error checking. When packaging fails, there's no error dialog so it might appear as if the task succeeded
  • when there's a space in the path to the .fla file, default values for application ID, description, and version will be used. This makes the application ID not unique and icon images cannot be set.
  • If Flash Authoring is locked when testing movie for Adobe AIR fla. Close the adl application (in the dock) to get back to the normal state.
  • Application and installer settings are not saved when the OK button is click in the Application & Installer Settings dialog. Change your settings in the application and installer settings dialog then click on package button to package the AIR file with the settings.

Windows only:

  • no progress bar during packaging.

Things to watch out for that might cause packaging to fail:

  • invalid character in the app ID
  • space, double byte characters or high ascii characters in path or file name
  • swf and fla are not the same name and not in the same directory (mac only)
  • swf file does not exist; be sure to test movie before packaging


You can find Documentation on the Adobe® Integrated Runtime (AIR) update for Flash CS3 Professional at the following links:

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